Friday, April 21, 2017

Kashmir situation: Everything is fair in love and war: Ram Madhav

New Delhi: The idea of using a Kashmiri man as a human shield against angry stonepelters in Kashmir by a young army officer was the right thing as everything is fair in love and war, BJP National General Secretary Ram Madhav said on Thursday.\r\n\r\n\"There would have been huge amount of loss of human life. He (Army Major) tried to avoid that... One can try and take a moral position on what he did was right or wrong. In a war and love, everything is fair,\" Madhav told CNN-News18 in an interview.\r\n\r\n\"In this particular case, the young Major was left with two options: one was to allow the mob to lynch 50 civilians and closely equal number of security forces personnel there and the other option before him was to indulge in indiscriminate firing. I compliment that Major for not allowing

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