Sunday, September 28, 2014

Rampant corruption in health services impoverishes millions in India; government vows change

Digamber Rawat rarely emerges from the tiny windowless room he shares with his parents because a mysterious illness has wasted away the strength in his legs. His family can\'t afford private health care, but they must pay for it anyway, even when they go to free government hospitals for help.\r\n\r\nRawat said that at a government hospital in central Delhi, a doctor ordered X-rays and scans that could have been performed in-house. \"But when we would go to the hospital lab for the tests, they would give us the name of a private clinic and say, \'Go get it done there and then we will look at it,\'\" he said.\r\n\r\nTests at the hospital lab would have been 1,500 rupees ($25). At a private clinic, they cost more than $130. Rawat\'s parents make a combined 15,000 rupees ($245) per month, bare

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