Friday, May 24, 2013

India not equipped to handle global hackers, say experts

Lucknow, A recent security breach at two payment card processing companies in India that led to heists at ATMs around the world has spawned uncomfortable questions about security risks here. The $45 million heist has brought into focus the vulnerability of India\'s IT sector.

On May 23, TOI reported that a Norwegian cyber security firm had named an Indian company, Appin Security Group, behind possible cyber attacks. Appin rubbished the claims, saying it was \"totally false and very imaginative\". Instead, its CEO, Rajat Khare, says, \"Indian enterprises are in a state of denial about attacks for way too long. This fraud case is likely to change the way we perceive information security\".

Khare says such an incident took place due to the lack of interest in information security expend

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