Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dimpy Ganguly Wants To Stay Away From Rahul Mahajan

Rahul Mahajan should be awarded with the title of the worst husband ever. He has left his 21 years old wife, Dimpy Ganguly in a state of shock after abusing her physically. She is in such a depressed state that she is not ready to go back to him again.

The results of the 4 months marriage of Dimpy and Rahul are horrible and as usual the victim is once again's Rahul's wife. History repeats itself, very true and even holds 100 percent true in this case of brutality.

Dimpy has an innocent heart and she is punished severely by Rahul just for doing nothing. Just because of a message on her mobile phone, she was thrashed by her new hubby, the bad guy Rahul Mahajan.

Rahul is a mad man and doesn't have any respect for feminism; his brutal acts have already let to a divorce in the past. Even his ex-girl friend, Payal has come out in open and is blaming Rahul that he has been plaguing her with calls, threatening to commit suicide if she doesn't take him back.

Now, in the present situation, Dimpy is really depressed and Rahul has reportedly apologized to her.

She states, "We had a conversation. He has regrets about what happened. Both of us are upset. I am deeply hurt and need some time alone to think about this. I want to be left alone till then Rahul has apologized. He regrets his action sincerely. I haven't recovered from what happened.\"

Dimpy's condition is really bad and she is horrified by Rahul, she has even mentioned once, that Rahul pointed a gun at her for a very small thing. Political leaders like Jaya Prada have supported her and have offered her as much support as possible.

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Mallika Sherawat Uploads Topless Photograph On Twitter

Last time Mallika Sherawat was in a Hollywood movie, she left no stone unturned to attract all the attention to her, and promote the film. This time around the situation is not any different. The actress is doing all it takes to promote her new Hollywood film, Hisss where she plays a snakewoman.

Mallika, who is known for her risqué ways, has posted her topless photograph on twitter. In the picture, the actress is topless, covering her modesty with her beautiful locks and her hands. Her eyes have a kohl-laden look in them, and her arms are wrapped in a design that resembles scaly snake skin. The actress surely looks an ideal snakewoman in the photograph, and tweets boldly "Is this too much?". Surely nothing is much for this extremely audacious actress who is very fond of publicity and is known to shed clothes in her movies.

Mallika Sherawat's first Hollywood film was The Myth with Jackie Chan. Hisss will be her second movie on the Hollywood silver screens. Hisss is being directed by Jennifer Lynch, and also stars Indian actors, Irrfan Khan and Divya Dutta.

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In Kashmir, pro-freedom agitators chop off Sikh youth’s hair

Pro-freedom protestors beat up a Sikh youth and chopped off his hair in Malangpora, south Kashmir, on Wednesday evening. On Thursday, angry Sikhs led a march from Tral and blocked the Srinagar-Jammu national highway near Awantipora, demanding the arrest of the culprits.

According to police, Harmeet Singh aka Mithun Singh, an employee of Border Roards Organisation, was on his way to a market when he was stopped by pro-freedom protestors and asked to raise slogans. Though Singh did as told, protestors beat him up and chopped off his hair.

Police registered a case and picked up two people for questioning. "Investigations have been put on fast track. The victim has also given his statement about the events. We hope to crack the case soon," Shafaqat Watali, DIG, south Kashmir, said.

Sikhs led a protest march from Tral and blocked the Srinagar-Jammu highway for some time . Protests also rocked Digiana area in Jammu. "We have assured the Sikh community that action will be taken against the guilty. We even promised them that if necessary Public Safety Act will be slapped against the culprits," Watali said.

The issue has snowballed into a major controversy with Guru Manyo Granth Society, a Sikh organisation, asking separatist leaders including Syed Ali Shah Geelani and Mirwaiz Umar Farooq to come clean on this issue.

"They [separatists] claim the freedom struggle is not restricted to Muslims but also belongs to Sikhs and Hindus. Then why have these so-called leaders not uttered a single word to condemn the attack on the Sikh community. Their silence arouses suspicion about their role in the attack," Jasdeep Singh, president of the society said.

Sikhs have urged chief minister Omar Abdullah to take action against the offenders or face repercussions.

"The security of Sikhs will be ensured and people who try to disrupt communal harmony will be dealt with sternly," the chief minister said.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Worried over Kashmir; UN urges India, Pak to talk

Worried over the unrest in Kashmir, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has urged both India and Pakistan to \"rekindle the spirit of the composite dialogue\".

"In relation to recent developments in Indian-administered Kashmir, the Secretary-General is concerned over the prevailing security situation there over the past month," Farhan Haq, Mr Ban's spokesperson, said in a statement.

Over the last month as many as 17 people have died in the violence that erupted in the valley as civilians clashed against the security forces.

"He calls on all concerned to exercise utmost restraint and address problems peacefully," the statement added.

While the Indian central government blamed the anti-India elements based in Pakistan for instigating violence in Jammu Kashmir, the state government constituted an inquiry commission to look into the deaths of civilians in the protests.

"He (Ban Ki-moon) encourages both sides to rekindle the spirit of the composite dialogue, which was initiated in 2004 and had made encouraging progress on some important confidence building measures, and to make renewed efforts to address outstanding issues, including on Jammu and Kashmir.

"He underlines the need for patience, perseverance and compromise on all sides,\" the UN chief\'s spokesperson said.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

India mourns victims of Pakistan plane crash

India on Wednesday conveyed its condolences to Pakistan over the plane crash near Islamabad that killed all 155 people on board.

In a message to his Pakistani counterpart Shah Mahmood Qureshi, external affairs minister S.M. Krishna \"conveyed deep condolences on behalf of the people and government of India to the people and government of Pakistan, especially to the bereaved families\", the external affairs ministry said in a statement.

All 155 people on board were confirmed dead when an aircraft of a private airline crashed on Wednesday morning amid heavy rain in the wooded Margalla Hills skirting the Pakistani capital.

The Airblue flight 202, flying from Karachi to Islamabad, suddenly lost contact with the airport here and crashed near the popular Damanekoh resort in the Margalla Hills at about 9.45 a.m.

This is the first time Krishna has written to Qureshi after the July 15 talks the two held in Islamabad which stalled over conflicting perceptions on terror and Jammu and Kashmir.

Recently, Qureshi sent a condolence message to Krishna over the train accident in West Bengal that killed over 60 people.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Thousands turn up on Ahmedabad streets in Shah\'s support

BJP leaders staged a rally to oppose the arrest of minister of state for home, Amit Shah, on Sunday. A large number of BJP workers, AMC officials, corporators and supporters thronged the Ellisbridge before transforming into a huge, silent procession that blocked the Ashram Road at 4 pm.

Braving heavy rains, the protesters carried placards and posters with slogans against CBI investigations and against the central government, and in Shah\'s support.

According to city police officials, who were there for security purposes, the rally was peaceful and no incident was reported during the three-kilometre long walk from Town Hall to the Income Tax circle.

The call for protest rally was given to all the party units in the city to congregate near Town Hall. The workers had tied black cloth strips to show their silent angst and protest against the arrest of Shah in the case.

The rallyists carried placards slogans proclaiming Shah as innocent and blaming Congress for misusing CBI against the state minister of home in Gujarat. The protesters also demanded fair probe against CBI\'s double standards in the state and elsewhere.

Rakesh Shah, city BJP president, who was part of the rally, told TOI: \"People turned up in large numbers to support the party today. It was a silent protest rally that went off peacefully.\"

Several vehicle drivers and bikers were also part of the rally. Several BJP office holders and leaders were seen in the rally including former state minister and MLA Bharat Barot.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Olive Telecom launches OlivePad- VT100

Olive Telecom announced the launch of OlivePad - VT100, India's first 3.5G Pad.

After the successful launch of many Industry firsts including the OliveFrvrOn (India's 1st Hybrid Phone), OliveZipbook (India's 1st 3G embedded Netbook), OliveWiz (India's 1st Triple SIM Qwerty device), OliveGenie (India's 1st 3G Music Modem) & OLiveNexus (India's 1st Pocket Router) Olive brings India to the forefront of convergence technology with the OlivePad.

Designed as a multi functional device, Olive Pad operates on an Android Operating System and supports 3.5G HSUPA, Wi-fi, and Bluetooth. With an inbuilt three mega pixel camera and a front camera, the Olive Pad can be used as a touch notebook allowing browsing, Multimedia, Instant Messaging and easy access to the world of social networking, GPS for maps and turn by turn directions, gaming console, an e- book reader, Television and it is also a Smart Phone allowing voice and Video Calling.

Speaking at the launch of India's First Pad, Arun Khanna, Chairman, Olive Telecom said, "It is the true convergence device that brings together the Computer, Mobile Phone and Entertainment on one platform. The Olive Pad is aimed at today's technology savvy generation who want easy on the move connectivity."

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

The new Anandi has a different charm

It is not often that you see so much media hype over a leap in a television serial. But Balika Vadhu and the five-year \'leap\' this week has created so much of discussion across the nation that it can very well be compared to what happened during the heydays of Kyun Ki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi.

The immensely popular show on Colors witnessed a major change in its lead cast with Anandi and Jagadish growing up and adult faces replacing the sweet faces of Avika Gor and Avinash Mukherjee.

After a talent hunt, the makers zeroed in on a girl from Jamshedpur -- Pratyusha Banerjee -- to play the adult Anandi. Last week, fans waited with a bated breath to see how Pratyusha would take over the reins from Avika.

Though we saw only glimpses of Pratyusha in the last two episodes, and she has yet to prove her mettle, initial reactions suggest that she will be able to make a smooth transition from the child to the adult Anandi.

Her looks are quite different though. While Avika had a chubby, cute charm, Pratyusha is slim and attractive.

The show took a leap when Anandi\'s in-laws decided that since both Anandi and Jagya were crossing an important phase in their life (read teens) and to avoid any complexity, they should stay apart. The leap started with Anandi waiting for her husband Jagya in a desert hoping that he would come back and take her home. But nothing like that happened. Anandi is shown to be missing Jagya a lot and hoping that one day he would be back in her life. Expectedly, Anandi is now shown as a much more mature and sensible person, in contrast to the chirpy little girl we had come to love.

The leap of the show, apparently, has a purpose. The makers want to show how harmful child marriage can be and its practical problems.

In the current storyline, Anandi\'s father Khajjan Singh is shown to be still in jail and her mother goes to meet him every month. Anandi grows up to be very caring and dutiful towards her mother, and prepares food for her father. Meanwhile, Anandi\'s in-laws Bhairon and Sumitra are all set to call their daughter-in-law back after the pre-decided gap of five years.

The next week\'s episodes will make it clear whether Jagya (we will see a new face in this role as well) will be able to accept Anandi. Whether a grown-up Anandi will be able to adjust herself in her in-laws\' place or not also remains to be seen.

Let\'s wait and watch.

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The ugly world of Kashmir\'s online rebels

"I know I\'m sexy," Srinagar resident Junaid Rafiqi proclaims on his Facebook page, below a professionally lit photograph that, among other things, shows off his possession of an expensive pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses.

He goes on with an enthusiasm unfettered by punctuation, spelling and grammar: "I got the looks that drives the girls wild I got the moves that really move them. I send chills up and down their spines" [sic., throughout and below].

Facebook users like Rafiqi have been sending chills down the spines of the police in Jammu and Kashmir for much of this summer. Much to the dismay of the authorities, social networks backing the cause of the Islamist-led protesters have proliferated on the Internet.

There is no evidence that social networks have been used to organise or fund the protests — but their content underlines concerns at the growing influence the religious right-wing has over the educated young people in Kashmir.

"We Hate Omar Abdullah," a network Mr. Rafiqi often participates in, gives some insight into the world of Kashmir\'s Facebook rebels. The network hosts a collection of political satire. There is, for example, a digitally-manipulated image of Paul, the celebrity octopus, picking a dead donkey over the Chief Minister in response to a question who has "more guts."

But much of the satire is venomously communal. Mr. Abdullah is repeatedly referred to as "Omar Singh" — a derisory reference derived, evidently, from the rumour that his wife is Sikh. The former Chief Minister, Farooq Abdullah, is shown offering respects at a Hindu temple, while another image caricatures the Chief Minister and his wife as pilgrims to the Amarnath shrine. The administrators of the "We Hate Omar Abdullah," quite clearly see politicians\' efforts to reach out to multiple religious communities as a betrayal.

"The Dalla [broker] family," the Ray-Ban wearing Rafiqi asserts in one post on the Facebook page, "should be hanged publicly." Elsewhere, he refers to Mr. Abdullah as a kafir, or unbeliever. In another post on the page, a member asserts that Mr. Abdullah has been denied permission for pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia because of his marriage — a canard circulated by Islamists soon after he took power.

Some networks host express calls to violence. "Everybody," exhorts the administrator of "Times Now is Anti-Kashmiri," "[the] next time you see any Times Now correspondent pick up a stone and throw that on their face!." Arnab Goswami, the channel\'s editor-in-chief, one user asserts, "should be killed." Ethnic-Kashmiri anchor Mahrukh Inayet comes in for unprintable abuse targeting her gender.

Barkha Dutt, arguably India\'s best-known English-language television journalist, also draws flak. "We hate Barkha Dutt" contains claims that her reportage on the clashes lacked balance. Much of it, though, consists of personal invective — and threats. "Hell is meant for her," writes network member Faizan Rashid, "but she should have some kinna punishment in this world as well...'stoned to death\'...wot say?"

Facebook\'s terms of use prohibit content that is hateful, threatening or incites violence. Little infrastructure, though, seems to be in place to enforce those terms.

Not all protest-linked networks promote these kinds of invective. Barring the odd comment about "Indian dogs," "I Protest Against the Atrocities on Kashmiris" has no abusive language. Most posts on this network address questions of media bias and political grievances, not individuals.

Even networks like this, though, are remarkable for the complete absence of the very kinds of serious commentary and debate they believe is wanting in India\'s mainstream print and electronic media.

There is no way of telling just who the participants on these sites are: users contacted by The Hindu, including Mr. Rafiqi, did not respond to requests to be interviewed. For the most part, though, users seem to be English-speaking and Kashmiri. Judging by their clothing and cultural idiom, are middle-class. Despite the aggressive religious chauvinism evident on the site, there is nothing to suggest substantial numbers of users support established Islamist clerics.

The police say most young people held on the charge of throwing stones do not have a high-school education, and are either unemployed or semi-employed — a class quite distinct from that of the Facebook radical.

More likely than not, official concerns at these networks is exaggerated: their scale and reach is tiny. "I Protest Against the Atrocities on Kashmiris" has 810 members — small numbers compared, for example, with the Palestine solidarity page "Palestine Freedom," which has 101,178. "We Hate Omar Abdullah" has 675 members and "Civil Disobedience 2010-Quit Kashmir Movement" 134. "Bloody Indian Media," set up to protest the reportage of the street violence in Srinagar, has 58.

It is possible, though, that the ideas they propagate reflect new ideological trends among some sections of young people in Jammu and Kashmir — a prospect which, if true, holds out a real reason for concern.

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Sex tape is fake says Katrina Kaif

A few months after her sister Isabel was embroiled in a sex tape controversy, which was being circulated in her name but actually featured a look-a-like, Katrina Kaif is now the target of a similar online craze. Not surprisingly, Katrina has issued a denial.

Porn sites and forums have been going gaga over the clip, featuring a Katrina look-a-like. The clip has been tagged Katrina Kaif sex scandal in a bid to garner most hits. It has reached the download limit on a couple of portals.

Despite the fact that the girl is clearly not Kat, an online debate is on to discuss the authenticity of the clip.

\"It\'s unfair!\" says a source close to Katrina, \"People circulate videos and stories in her name to generate interest, debate and publicity. Every fair-skinned girl doesn\'t have to be Katrina or her lookalike! She finds it unfair that she\'s mostly made the target for such bizarre speculations.\"

The actress said in a statement: \"The video is disgusting and the girl clearly doesn\'t even look like me. There\'s no room for any speculation whatsoever. How can you even call her my lookalike? The girl\'s face is completely different! I think it\'s ridiculous to even talk about it.\"

At the time when a video tagged as one featuring her sister had surfaced, Katrina and her mother Suzanne Turquotte had categorically denied that the video had anything to do with Isabel. They also vowed to take legal action against anyone uploading or circulating the video under the young girl\'s name.

In 2005, there was a similar episode with Mallika Sherawat when an alleged video starring a 19-year-old girl was doing the rounds under her name. However, Mallika clearly dismissed her association with any such video.

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Real life Chak De! Negi likely to coach women\'s team

Mir Ranjan Negi might get a chance to do a 'Chak De!' again. Not on reel, but for real. The sudden vacancy of the coach's post for the women's hockey team, owing to the resignation of long-time incumbent MK Kaushik over sexual harassment allegations, could pave the way for Negi to take over the reins of the women's team.

Though nothing has been finalized yet, Negi - whose chequered career has striking similarities with Kabir Khan's (Shah Rukh Khan) in the blockbuster - is believed to have sent his consent letter to Hockey India. It's not yet clear who approached whom.

However, he's not too sure if he'll be able to replicate the 'Chak De!' magic if he gets the job. \"Reel life is very different from real life. Even if I get to coach the girls, there's very little time left for the Commonwealth and Asian Games. But then, miracles do happen. I have witnessed it many times during my life.\"

He certainly has. The former India goalkeeper went into hiding after he was accused of accepting money to ensure India's 1-7 loss to Pakistan in the 1982 Asiad. He returned as goalkeeping coach for the 1998 Asian Games where the Indian men won the gold. He was goalkeeping coach of the Indian women's team which won the 2002 Commonwealth Games and assistant coach when Indian women won the Asia Cup in 2004.

Negi may well become the next coach of the women's hockey team. However, keeping with the drama that has become a constant sideshow to Indian hockey, HI secretary general Narinder Batra claimed it was Negi who approached the federation first, expressing his willingness to take up the job while Negi said he gave his consent only after he was asked.

Batra, however, said HI is not authorized to appoint the coach. \"That's the job of Sports Authority of India (SAI). We can only make recommendations. In this case, after Negi showed his interest, we asked him to send his biodata and consent letter which he has done already. We will send it to SAI,\" he said.

Negi too confirmed that he was keen to take up the assignment. \"To be frank, I was in a dilemma for some time. I was a bit apprehensive too. But life's all about taking up new challenges, and this is something so close to my heart,\" he told TOI on Thursday.

When contacted, SAI sources said nothing was decided as yet. \"It's too early to say anything.\"

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Power Grid\'s FPO gets government clearance

The government has approved a 10% stake sale in state-owned transmission utility Power Grid Corporation by October this year through a follow-on public offer (FPO). The company will also issue fresh equity amounting to 10% of the existing, as per a decision taken by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) on Thursday. The government currently holds a 86.36% stake in the company.

Union power minister Sushil Kumar Shinde told reporters that PowerGrid is likely to come out with its follow-on public offer by October. The company has already initiated the process of appointing merchant bankers for managing the issue. The follow-on public offer, which is expected to fetch Rs 8,400 crore, will help the government finance its fiscal deficit, as well as provide funds to the company for its capital expansion plans amounting to Rs 58,000 crore.

"The requirement of funds to be raised through issue of fresh equity for funding the capital expenditure for the balance Eleventh Plan period will be in the order of Rs 4,200 crore. It would result in the PGCIL meeting with the CERC-allowed norms of 30% equity contributions," according to an official statement.

Following the announcement, shares of Power Grid gained 1.6% to close the day at Rs 101.45. In October 2007, the company had raised capital through a 10% equity issue while the Centre had divested 5% of its stake.

In an effort to raise Rs 40,000 crore from disinvestment during the current financial year, the government will sell stake in about 10 more public sector companies, including IndianOil, Coal India, SAIL, RINL and Shipping Corporation.

Meanwhile, the Cabinet Committee on the Unique Identification Authority of India sanctioned funds amounting to Rs 3,023.10 crore for the second phase of the ambitious scheme. "Of this, an amount of Rs 477.11 crore would be towards recurring establishment expenditure and Rs 2,545.90 crore would be towards non-recurring project related expenditure," an official spokesperson said.

The first set of 10 crore UID numbers are expected to be issued between August 2010 and March 2011. Another 60 crore UID cards would be issued in the next three years.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

BJP MP killed my son: RTI activist\'s father

Right to Information activist Amit Jethwa\'s father has alleged that a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP is behind the murder of his son. Jethwa\'s father Bikubhai Jethwa claimed that BJP MP from Junagarh Dinubhai Solanki was the brain behind the brutal killing of his son near the Gujarat High Court in Ahmedabad on Tuesday night.\"Dinubhai Solanki is behind the murder. He had been threatening us for the past seven years,\" alleged Bikubhai Jethwa.

Other RTI activists in Gujarat are angry are shocked. They want more protection on a more sustained basis as they take on the mighty and the corrupt of the land through RTI.

\"If there is publicity then those attacking me will some what be scared that it will lead to larger repurcussion. But after some days after a story and a followup we become sitting ducks again,\" RTI activist Vishwas Bhamburkar said.

Jethwa was killed by two unidentified youth when he walking towards his vehicle, after a meeting with his lawyer in a building near the Gujarat High Court.

Recently, he had filed Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in the Gujarat High Court against illegal mining. He was also passionate about wildlife conservation and raised his voice against corrupt practices in the Gir forests.

The man who is the upholder of RTI, Chief Information Commissioner Wajahat Habibullah says though it is a matter or serious concern but there is no need to panic now.

\"It\'s very distressing, it\'s shocking. The matter will have to be looked into by the local police,\" said Wajahat about Jethwa\'s murder.

But the fate of people like Amit and other whistleblowers shows how even RTI is not a protection for people who chase the truth.


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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

67 Bihar MLAs suspended; slippers, pots flung

Sixty seven opposition MLAs in Bihar were suspended for unruly behaviour and marshalled out as utter chaos prevailed inside and outside the Assembly on Wednesday during which a slipper was flung at the Speaker and a woman member threw several flower pots around.

The slogan-shouting members, including 42 RJD MLAs, were suspended by Assembly Speaker Udai Narain Choudhry for the rest of the monsoon session with both the Assembly and the Legislative Council in the poll-bound state witnessing turmoil for the second straight day. The leaders were marshalled out one by one.

More drama prevailed outside the Legislative Council when a suspended Congress MLC Jyoti Kumari animatedly threw flower pots and created a ruckus when the watch and ward staff tried to prevent her from entering the house. A hysterical Kumari was dragged a few feet by three women watch and ward staff from the Council premises.

The scene inside was no better when RJD MLC Sanjay Prasad removed a microphone and hurled it triggering angry responses from the treasury benches.

RJD MLA R C Paswan, who was marshalled out of the Assembly, reportedly fainted at the gate of the house. He was taken in an ambulance to a government hospital.

The suspension of the MLAs came shortly after around 80 opposition members taking a cue from their opposition counterparts in Karnataka spent the night in the well of the two houses of the state legislature.

The Opposition is demanding the resignation of Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar over a CAG report which alleged financial irregularities in the state.

As the watch and ward staff lifted RJD MLA Bablu Dev, his colleagues rushed to his rescue. In the melee, a slipper was thrown towards the Speaker\'s podium. It was not immediately known who had flung the footwear which, however, did not hit the Speaker.

State RJD president Abdul Bari Siddiqui and RJD deputy leader in the Assembly Shakeel Ahmed Khan were among those suspended.

Eleven LJP members were also suspended from the Assembly.

Opposition members on Tuesday overturned desks and chairs, broke microphones and virtually came to blows with ruling BJP-JD(U) alliance MLAs on the floor of the houses.

Today\'s action against the MLAs came after they disobeyed the directive of the Speaker to let the House function.

A resolution for the suspension of the MLAs was brought in the House by state parliamentary affairs in-charge Brijendra Prasad Yadav, which was passed by voice vote amid protests by opposition members.

Later, the Speaker ordered that all MLAs protesting in the well of the House be marshalled out of the House.

The Opposition MLAs and MLCs said they would continue their dharna in both the Houses till their demand is met.

\"We will not lift the agitation till this corrupt government resigns\", RJD deputy leader in the Assembly Shakeel Ahmad Khan said.

Council Chairman T K Jha had on Tuesday suspended 14 opposition MLCs for the day.

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Bride and Groom pronounced to open up its doors in Ludhiana

Ludhiana: After a flourishing stint in the heart of the nation, Bride and Groom is all set to blow trumpets in Ludhiana as well with the whole pack of endowed exhibitors. ITE announced the onset of Bride and Groom exhibition which was addressed by Ms. Kiran Sharma, the CEO of Bride and Groom. The grand fashion and lifestyle exhibition is going to be held from 25th to 27th July. The press conference aided a sneak-peek of the astounding creations a la mode designed by Puja Mittal and Sonia Mahajan bedecked on the models. The fashion freaks can indulge in this lifestyle exhibition which houses contemporary creations. The glittering jewels to turn you into a dazzling diva, the enchanting outfits to make you feel like a fairy tale princess, the swanky bags, the dream destination packages where you always wanted to visit, the seductive fragrances, the high-heeled attitude and lot more Bottom line – just one place to shop and you are sorted. Bride and Groom evaporates all worries as it facilitates all the wedding material under one roof. Moving beyond mere apparels, Bride & Groom 2010 will offer segments like Jewellery, Accessories, even chocolates and other niche gifts. Bride & groom today, ranks as the pioneer in revolutionizing the Indian Wedding Industry – the contemporary way. With some really talented exhibitors in the likes of Anshu Modi, Katyana Sharma, Parul Grover etc. associated with it, Bride and Groom is expanding its horizons. Ms. Kiran Sharma, Director, ITE India Pvt. Ltd says, "We received a warm welcome from Delhiites and now Ludhiana is welcoming us with open arms. The motto behind the whole exhibition is the arrangements for a wedding is never devoid of any hassle and the experience seems like a journey. So, with Bride and Groom, the endeavor is to make it a memorable and enjoyable time. And above that, it comes with the latest and trendiest of the lot. The exhibition not just focuses on the prospective Bride and Groom but on everyone. Everyone can have a pick from this vast fashion trove. So, it is like too many feathers in your cap. It is a very novel concept and people have liked it." Bride & Groom Exhibition is the world\'s largest Indian Ethnic lifestyle show synonymous with the advent of the wedding season in India.

The product range at the exhibition includes:

• Designers Outfits

• Jewellery and Accessories for the ultimate sparkle

• Wedding Cards & Trousseau Décor

• Honeymoon Packages

• Wedding Photography

• Bags & Footwear

• Cosmetics & Perfumes

• Giftware & Silverware

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1984 riots: Hurt, Phoolka withdraws from all victims\' cases

Just when the conviction of a political leader for the 1984 massacre seems more realistic than ever before, the advocate who spearheaded the struggle all these years, H S Phoolka, has decided to withdraw from all the riot cases. This is in response to an allegation made by the president of DSGMC, Paramjit Singh Sarna, that Phoolka had \"wasted\" the community\'s money in the course of his campaign for justice.

Phoolka\'s withdrawal decision comes two days after former Congress MP Sajjan Kumar suffered a major setback as the Delhi high court upheld a murder charge framed against him in a case in which victim Jagdish Kaur has already identified him during the trial as the leader of the mob that had killed her husband.

Speaking to TOI, Phoolka said that he was forced to think of giving up the 1984 cause as he had been \"abused and humiliated\" by Sarna on July 17 at a meeting in which several prominent Sikhs, including senior advocate K T S Tulsi, were present. \"I was hurt that when Sarna had attacked my integrity and record of service, not a single Sikh, not even my bar colleague Tulsi, came to my defence,\" Phoolka added.

The burden of Sarna\'s attack at the meeting was that when Phoolka appeared before the Justice G T Nanavati Commission on behalf of victims from 2000 to 2004, DSGMC had spent Rs 1.09 crore on the administrative expenses incurred by his team. This, he alleged, proved to be a waste as no benefit came out of it to the Sikh community.

Rubbishing this, Phoolka said much good had come out of the Nanvati probe: PM Manmohan Singh apologized for the carnage, the compensation for the families of dead victims was enhanced to Rs 10 lakh, Jagdish Tytler resigned from the Cabinet and the cases that Sajjan is currently facing were reopened on the basis of that report.

Phoolka also asserted that for all the legal work he did in connection with the carnage before various inquiry bodies and courts, \"I never charged a penny as my fee. Whatever was spent by DSGMC was on unavoidable...\" Sarna said that he had fallen out with Phoolka over a proposal to file a complaint against minister Kamal Nath as he had been found by the Nanavati Commission to have been present when a mob attacked Rakabganj Gurdwara and killed two Sikhs. Since Nath was given the benefit of the doubt by the commission, Sarna was unconvinced about Phoolka\'s suggestion to file the complaint.

Phoolka said he had now decided to write to Akal Takht, to make alternative arrangements for representing victims before courts. Tulsi, on his part, said the dispute raised by Sarna could not be taken as a reflection on Phoolka\'s immense contribution to the cause.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

International brands tie up with Aisha

Bollywood has been associated with various fashion brands through their films all these years. But, the Sonam Kapoor starrer movie Aisha has managed to tie-up with high-end international brands like Salvatore Ferragamo and Christian Dior, which are usually unavailable for Hindi films. Aisha, which is co-produced by PVR Pictures and Anil Kapoor Films Co. Pvt. Ltd, is a film, which deals with a fashionable girl played by Sonam, who is also very fashionable in reel life. So, the association with big fashion brands was an integral part of the film.

Kalyani Chawla, the vice-president (marketing & communications) at Christian Dior Couture, informed that the movie produced by Rhea Kapoor will use 60 Dior dresses and accessories. These will be put on by the female lead Sonam Kapoor and other cast members. The film, which also stars Abhay Deol, will release on August 6. This move from the mass market products to high-end fashion brands, has taken place for the first time in case of brand integration. Aisha with a budget of Rs 20 crore, displays renowned fashion brands like DLF Emporio, Portico and L'Oreal Paris.

Rhea Kapoor, the producer of the film informs, "We shot the film in 67 days but six months time period is spent before the shooting to tie up with the renowned brands. These tie-ups are done during and before the scripting stage" Aisha has become the first Bollywood film to have an association with Dior to this degree. Throughout the movie, Sonam will be seen carrying a Lady Dior purse and the male lead Abhay will put on Dior suits.

Pallavi Tibrewal, the vice-president (marketing) of Portico, informs that under the Portico Aisha collection, the company will introduce 10-12 designs, which will take place around the time of launch of the movie. In fact, Portico and L'Oreal Paris are planning to promote their brands with television commercials in association with the imagery from the film.

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Society For Himalayan Evangilical Prosperity And Health Education Rural Development - Chamoli

Society For Human Alliance Need - Noida

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Society For Peoples Integrated Development - Sonebhadra

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Stcts - Bhadohi

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Subserve Society - Kanpur

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Swami Vivekanand Shiksha Samiti - Mirzapur

Swan - Lucknow

T R D S - Lucknow

Takshsila Institute Of Rural Development And Education - Lucknow

Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya Foundation - Lucknow

Tarai Environmental Foundation - Gonda

Tbn And Bal Bari Kendra - Mirzapur

Tez Social Welfare Society - Meerut

Thakur Ram Dayal Singh Smarak Paryavaran Sudhar Evem Mahila Uthan Samiti - Barabanki

The Chemistry World A Chemical Society - Kanpur

The Great Rural Development And Educational Society - Meerut

The Memorial Hospital - Lalitpur

The Rural Welfare And Child Education Development Society - Muzaffarnagar

Town Care Foundation - Alahabad

Turquoise Wildlife Conservation Society - Pilibhit

U P Diversified Agriculture Support Project - Lucknow

Udbhav Sewa Sansthan - Lucknow

Ujjawala - Etah

Unique Public Welfare - Shahjahanpur

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Yuva Janjagran Seva Sansthan - Sultanpur

Yuwak Vikas Samiti Vedmanpui - Vedmanpur

Zee Boxing Club Society - Varanasi

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Uttaranchal NGOs (Non Governmental Organisations)

Aadarsh Samaj Sewa Siksha Samiti - Chamoli

Aas Sewa Samiti - Bageshwar

Aasha - Surguja

Aayushya Prakritik Chikitsa Yoga Shiksha Evam Vikas Samiti - Rishikesh

Adhaar Foundation - Haridwar

Age Care Home Health Services - Uttarakhand

Arpan Socio Samiti - Dehradun

Asha Sewa Samiti - Nainital

Berinag Gram Swrajy Mandal - Pithoragarh

Bgsm - Pithoaragrh

Bhartiya Gramotthan Sanstha - Tehri

Bhartiya Gramotthan Sanstha - Tehri Garhwal

Bugyal Ngo - Garhwal

Bugyal Social Cultural Organisation - Garhwal

Christian Action For Rural Development - Haridwar

Dalyon Ka Dagrya - Garhwal

Disha - Kolkata

Eco Adventreks And Welfare Society - Dehradun

Experiments In Rural Advancement - Dehradun

Forrce - Dehradun

General Rural Advancement Society - Champawat

Grameen Krishi Evam Paryavaran Vikas Samiti - Pithoragarh

Gramin Kshetra Vikash Samiti - Tehri Garhwal

Gss - Rishikesh

Helps - Nainital

Hillansh Social And Education Society - Dehradun

Himalayan Jan Kalyan Samiti - Bageshwar

Himalayan Sewa Samiti - Pithoragarh

Himaliyan Gram Vikas Samiti - Pithoragarh

Indian Institute Of Community Development - Dehradun

Indian Institute Of Development - Kichha

Indian Record Holders Republic - Dehradun

Institute Of Social Development - Kichha

Jagriti Mahila And Baal Vikas Samiti - Nainital

Jagriti Sewa Samiti Udham Singh - Nagar

Jakheshwar Shikshan Sansthan - Chamoli

Jan Chetana Kendra Pauri - Garhwal

Jyotsna Gram Vikas Udhyog Samiti - Rudrapur

Lingua Franca Educational Welfare Society - Nainital

Lokhit Foundation - Dehradun

Maa Sharda Rural Development And Health Organisation - Haridwar

Manav Jyoti Bandhu Seva Sanstha - Haridwar

Manav Sewa Society - Garhwal

Manavadhikar Sanrakshan Even Gramin Vikas Samiti - Uttarakhand

Manthan Ancient Natural Technical Development Society - Dehradun

Medicinal Plant Research Institute - Dehradun

Mission For Anath Development And Welfare Society - Uttarakashi

Muskaan Sewa Samiti - Haldwani

Nav Jyoti Aur Samridhi Samiti Pauri - Garhwal

Nav Jyoti Swathya Jagrugta Samiti - Bageshwar

Nidhi - Pithoragarh

Nijaat Alcohol And Drug Rehabilitation Center - Dehradun

Nijaat - Dehradun

Noble Organisation For Womens Welfare And Child Care - Dindugal

Paridhee Sewa Sansthan - Kichha

Paridhee Sewa Sansthan - Udham Sing Nagar

Parivartan Samajik Evam Paryavaran Sanstha - Nainital

Parvatiya Phalotpadan Evam Bahudhandiya Sansthan - Champawat

Rashtriya Janhit Sewa Sansthan - Almora

Rawat - Garhwal

Samaj Seva Samiti - Nainital

Sambhavana Sansthan - Dehradun

Sambhavana Sansthan - Mussoorie

Sambhawana Society - Pithoragarh

Saraswati Sewa Sansthan - Nanital

Shantikunj - Haridwar

Shivalaya Sewa Samiti - Haldwani

Shriya Technical And Educational Society - Dehradun

Shuruwat - Haridwar

Siksha Ki Ek Kiran - Dehradun

Social And Cultural Organization - Udham Singh Nagar

Social And Environmental Management - Hardwar

Social Organization For Rural Education Society - Uttarakhand

Sskm Society - Dehradun

Success Academic Club - Dehradun

Swami Vivekanand Yuvak Mandal - Daman

Swargiya Srimati Kusum Memorial Society - Dehradun

Swati Gramodhyog Sansthan - Pithoragarh

Swavlamban Welfare Society - Dehradun

The Canadian Centre For International Studies And Cooperation - Dehradun

The Global Computer Society - Nainital

The Virat Welfare Society - Nainital

Udgam - Almora

Umeed - Dehradun

Uttarakhand Biofuel Board - Dehradun

Uttarakhand Worldwide - Haldwani

Vasudhavia Kutumbakam - Uttarakhand

Vidya Niketan Shiksha Samiti - Garhwal

Wwoof India - Nainital

Youth Empowerment - Haridwar

Zoe Ministries - Roorkee

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West Bengal NGOs (Non Governmental Organisations)

24 Parganas Practitioners Association Of Alternative Medicine - Kolkata

Aashar Aalo Daimond - Harbour

Abayab 2005 - Kolkatta

Affection Society For Human Advancement - Bankura

Agni - Kolkata

Ahimsaa Research Foundation - Calcutta

Ahvan Karaya Road - Kolkata

Aim Seven - Nadia

Akanksha 2002 - Jalpaiguri

All Bengal Mass Education And Development Association - Calcutta

All Bengal Renal Failure And Transplant Welfare Association - Kolkata

All Bengal Womens Union - Kolkata

All India Council For Mass Education And Development - Kolkata

All India Womens Conference East Calcutta Constituency - Kolkata

All India Womens Conference - Kolkata

Amanat Foundation Trust - Kolkata

Amara Sabai South - 24 Parganas

An Association For Social Welfare - Kolkata

Ananda Samiti - Calcutta

Anirban Rural Welfare Society South - 24 Parganas

Anisha Counselling Centre - Kolkata

Ankur Kala - Calcutta

Antazilla Gram Unnayan Parishad - Canning

Anudip Foundation For Social Welfare - Kolkata

Anugyalaya Darjeeling Diocese Social Service Society - Darjeeling

Art Trust - Kolkata

Asansol Jeevan Ka Aadhar - Asansol

Asansol Town Netaji Educational And Welfare Society - Burdwan

Ashray - Kolkata

Ashutosh Institution - Kolkata

Association For Conservation And Tourism - Darjeeling

Association For Social Health In India - Calcutta

Association Of Relief And Community Aid - Kolkata

Association Of Voluntary Blood Donors - Calcutta

Atbati Sarada Nari Sangathan - Purba Medinipur

Avant Garde - Darjing

Baguiati Sanskritik Seva Sadan - Kolkata

Baikunthapur Tarun Sangha South - 24 Parganas

Bangiya Shishu Bikash Sangathan - 24 South Paraganas

Bangiya Unnayan Parishad - Calcutta

Bani Mandir - 24 Parganas - Calcutta

Bankura Mahila Samiti - Calcutta

Bansdroni Anuvab Of Social Aid - Kolkata

Baradrone Social Welfare Institution Diamond - Harbour

Baragari New Life - Bankura

Barasat Spandanam - Kolkatta

Barasat Swabalambi Protibandhi Sangathan - Barasat

Barasat Unnayan Prostuti - Kolkata

Barnamala Educatinal And Cultural Society Paschim - Medinipur

Barnamala Educational And Cultural Society - Kharagpur

Barnamala Educational And Cultural Society - Medinipur

Bashirhat Family Planning Welfare Centre - North 24 Parganas

Basirhat Binapani Development Society - North 24 Parganas

Bastion - Hooghly

Bengal Service Society - Kolkata

Best Friendz Society - Kolkata

Bethuadahari Bhorer - Alo Nadia

Bharosa Life - Kolkata

Bhoruka Public Welfare Trust - Calcutta

Bibek Bikash Samaj Kalyan Kendra - Kolkata

Bidhannagar Residents Association - Durgapur

Bikash Bharati Welfare Society - Calcutta

Birbhumir Grameen Unnayan Society - Birbhum

Bprachesta - Kolkata

Bress - Kolkata

Bruksha O Jeevar Bhandhu Parishad Friends Of Trees And Living Beings - Nayagada

Calcutta Avant Garde - Calcutta

Calcutta Foundation - Kolkata

Calcutta Kids Trust - Howrah

Calcutta Urban Service - Kolkata

Care And Counselling Centre - Kolkata

Care Home - Kolkata

Carima Seva Sadan - Birbhum

Cathedral Relief Service - Calcutta

Cdcw Pratyush - Kolkata

Centre For Built Environment - Kolkata

Centre For Care Of Torture Victims - Kolkata

Centre For Communication And Cultural Action - Kolkata

Centre For Environmental And Socio Economic Regeneration - Purulia

Centre For Human Rights Research Studies - Nadia

Centre For Social Development - Barrackpore

Centre For Social Markets - Kolkata

Centre For Socio Economic Reforms And Environmental Conservation - Calcutta

Centre For Total Development - Hooghly

Chanchal Jana Kalyan Samiti - Malda

Chandipur Mother And Child Health Welfare Society - South 24 Parganas

Chaplin Club - Chakpurusottom

Chatta Begum Rokeya Educational Society - Calcutta

Chetana Foundation For Social Awareness Research And Development - Calcutta

Child In Need Institute - 24 Parganas

Children In Pain - Kolkata

Chitrabani Society - West Bengal

Choker Aalo - Nahata

Christian Minority Community Development Society - Durgapur

Cini Chetana Resource Centre - 24 Pgs

Compassion East India - Kolkata

Comprehensive Area Development Service - North 24 Parganas

Consumers Action Forum - Kolkata

Contai Al Hadi Mission - Contai

Cooperative For Assistance And Relief Everywhere - Calcutta

Council For Social Development - Kolkata

Crafts Council Of West Bengal - Calcutta

Dakshin Barasat Eye Foundation - Dakshin Barasat

Dakshin Budhakhali Improvement Society - Kolkata

Dakshin Chandchak Samaj Kalyan Samity - Uttar Manashree

Darjeeling Diocese - Darjeeling

Dawan Foundation - Kolkata

Deb Adhikari Educarional And Charitable Trus-t Alipurduar

Debnathpur Saptarsi Charitable Society - Nadia

Deep Annita Braille Institute - Kolkata

Desh Bandhu Sangha - South 24 Parganas

Destination Educational And Welfare Society - Burdwan

Development Research Communication And Services Centre - Kolkata

Dhannyasisha Academy Of Development Science - 24 Parganas

Divya Chaya Trust - Calcutta

Dr Parasmani Sarani - Darjeeling

Dreams Of The Century - Howrah

Drishti - Hazinagar

Dubrajhat Nabajagaran Sangha - Burdwan

Durgapur Sub Divisional Sports And Cultural Clubs Coordination Society - Durgapur

Durgapur Sub Divisional Voluntary Blood Donors Forum - Durgapur

Economic Rural Development Society - Calcutta

Empathy - Kolkata

Endev A Society For Environment And Development - Calcutta

Eurasia Reiyukai - Siliguri

Federation Of Societies For Environmental Protection - Darjeeling

Forum Of Communities United In Service - Kolkata

Foset - Kolkata

Foundation For Science And Environment - Kolkata

Four Corners Initiatives Trust - Pedong

Friends Of Poor And Socially Abandoned - Bankura

Gana Sahayata Welfare Society - Kolkata

Gana Unnayan Parshad - Calcutta

Ganadarpan - Calcutta

Gandhi Mission Trust - Medinipur

Garden Reach Slum Development - Kolkata

Gitaldaha Bikash Samiti - Coochbehar

Global Philantrophic Foundation - Birbhum

Goodwill Services India - Kolkata

Grace Welfare Society - Kolkata

Graham Bell Centre For The Deaf - Hooghly

Gram Seva Sangha - North 24 Parganas

Gramin Vikas Sewa Sanstha - Kolkata

Greentech System - Calcutta

Gushkara Nagarik Suraksha Samity - Burdwan

Hanami Welfare Mission - Taranagar

Hariharpara Life Welfare Society - Murshidabad

Harinavi Srijan - Kolkata

Health Energy And Rehabilitation Trust - Kolkata

Hijli Inspiration - Kolkata

Himalayan Organisation For Peoples Education - Darjeeling

Hizlia Janakalyan Samity - North 24 Parganas

Hooghly Women Development Forum For Voluntary Action - Hooghly

Hooghly Yogesamaj - Hooghly

Humanity Association - Howrah

Humanity Trust - Joka

Ichapur Janakalyan Parshad - 24 Parganasn

Ichhe Dana Nourish Dreams To Flourish - Kolkata

Incredible North Bengal Society - Dinajpur

Indian Council Of Rehabilitation And Sports For The Disabled - Kolkata

Indian Institute For Nature And Environment Studies - Barasat

Indian Institute Of Cerebral Palsy - Kolkata

Indian Institute Of Training And Development - Kolkata

Indian Mime Theatre - Kolkata

Indian Peoples Welfare Society - Howrah

Indian Rural Medical Association - Calcutta

Indian Science Congress Association - Calcutta

Indian Social Action And Research Association - Kolkata

Institute For Development Education And Action - Howrah

Institute For Motivating Self Employment - Calcutta

Institute For The Handicapped And Backward People - Kolkata

Institute Of Allied Health Sciences - Kolkata

Institute Of Factual Theater Arts - Kolkata

Institute Of Psychological And Educational Research - Kolkata

Institute Of Social Work - Calcutta

International Mass Awareness Programme - Kolkata

Islampur Ramkrishnapally Rural Welfare Society - Uttar Dinajpur

Jabala Action Research Organisation - Calcutta

Jadavpur Women In Need Organisation - Calcutta

Jalpaiguri Bioscopic Welfare Society - Jalpaiguri

Jamtala Vivekannda Sangha - South 24 Parganas

Janaki Charity Home - Kolkata

Janasiksha Prochar Kendra - Kolkata

Jaro - Calcutta

Jaykrishnapur Progressive Rural Organition For Voluntary Activities - Nadia

Jhantipahari Rural Welfare Organisation - Bankura

Jrwo - Bankura

Kabitirtha Educational Forum - Kolkata

Kabitrirtha Institution For Nations Development And Service - Kolkata

Kadam - Kolkata

Kamakhya Balak Ashram - North 24 Parganas

Kanpur Azad Gram Unnaun Samiti - Malda

Karma Kutir - Kolkata

Karmyog - Kolkata

Kent Homoeo Research Foundation - Howarh

Kerala Catholic Social Service Centre - Kolkata

Khadi Pratisthan - Kolkata

Khajurdaha Nabankur United Club - Hooghly

Kirnahar Tarun Samiti - Birbhum

Kolkata Creative Art Performers - Kolkata

Kolkata Foundation - Kolkata

Kolkata Sagnik Society - Kolkata

Kolkata Saviour Society - Kolkata

Ktelipara Development Society - Kolkata

Lake Gardens Women And Children Development Centre - Kolkata

Liberal Association For Movement Of People - Calcutta

Lighthouse For The Blind - Calcutta

Living Stone Ministries Trust - Darjeeling

Loreto Day School Sealdah - Calcutta

Lucy - Kolkata

Lutheran World Service India - Kolkata

Maladanga Pratidandgi Kalyan Samiti - Birbhum

Malda Hyderpur Social Welfare Institute - Malda Hyderpur

Malda Sahayogita Samiti - Malda

Mandra Lions Club Purulia - Mandra

Manovikas Kendra Rehabilitation And Research Institute For The Handicapped - Kolkata

Mant - Kolkata

Mantra - Kolkata

Mass Education - Kolkata

Matrisama Society - Kolkata

Mayurbhanj Joint Citizen Centre - Kolkata

Mentaid - Kolkata

Milli Mission Of Bengal - Calcutta

Mirik Global Care Foundation - Darjeeling

Mnssws - Bankura

Mollarpur Integrated Village Development Society - Birbhum

Mukti - Raidighi

Multimedia World - Dinajpur

My Dear Trees And Wilds - Bankura

Naba Nari Pragati Sangha - Calcutta

Nadia Shibpur Sai Sadguru Samiti - Nadia Shibpur

Narayantala Mass Communication Society - Kolkata

Nari O Sishu Kalyan Kendra - Howrah

Nature Environment And Wildlife Society - Calcutta

Natyapritana 1402 - Howrah

Natyapritana - Howrah

Navadiganta - Calcutta

Nayali - Pathar

Neev Foundation - South 24 Parganas

Nehru Childrens Museum - Kolkota

Nespon - Siliguri

New Alipore Praajak Development Society - Kolkata

Nikhil Bangiya Vidyapeeth - Kolkata

Nikhil Bharat Banabasi Panchayat - Midnapore

Nimta Astha Social Development And Training Center - Kolkata

Nimtala Rural Development Project - Midnapore

Niswarth - Jalpaiguri

Noble Mission Of South Calcutta - Kolkata

Noorpur Ananda Pally Child And Women Development Society - South 24 Parganas

North Bengal Sukanta Pally Foundation Of Global Environment - Darjeeling

Om Shanti - Kolkata

Organization For Under Privileged Society - Kolkata

Oxfam Gb In India - Kolkata

Paam - Kolkata

Palm Avenue Integration Society - Calcutta

Panihati Chhatra Shakti - Kolkata

Paribesh Unnayan Parishad - Calcutta

Paschim Medinipur Swadesh Welfare Association - Medinipur

Patdaha Netaji Sangha - 24 Parganas

Path Welfare Society - Kolkata

Payel Training Institute - Purulia

Peace And Power - Burdwan

People United For Better Living In Calcutta - Calcutta

Peoples Union For Development And Reconstruction - Howrah

Prabhu Jagannath Peoples Uplifting Society - Paschim Medinipur

Pragati - Kolkata

Pragati Sangha Of Dara - 24 Parganas

Pranavananda Institute Of Social Change - Kolkata

Prantakatha - Kolkata

Prantik Jan Vikas Samiti - Kolkata

Prantik Jana Vikash Samity - Salt Lake City

Prathibondhee Shangha - Alambazar

Pratibandhi Kalyan Kendra - Hooghly

Pratibandhi Sahayak Samity - Panskura

Prayasam - Calcutta

Prerak Support For Cancer Fighters - Kolkata

Primary Children Corps - Calcutta

Protectors Of Human Rights - Kolkata

Ps Diamond Harbour - South 24 Parganas

Purba Dwarakapur Sebayan Sangha - Purba Dwarakapur

Purbachal Ananda Foundation - Durgapur

Purulia Abul Kalam Azad Welfare Society - Purulia

Pushti - Burdwan

Radharani Community Health Service - Bankura

Raghunathpur Spot Light Society - Midnapore

Raghunathpur Spot Light Society - West Midnapore

Rahara Theatre Campaign - North 24 Parganas

Rajabazar Education And Awareness Development Society - Kolkata

Rajadighi Community Health Service Society - Malda

Rakshabandhan For Education - Chandrakona

Ramakrishna Mission Lokasiksha Parishad - Kolkata

Ramnagar Lane Forum Of Revolution For Communities Education - Kolkata

Rangeeni Educational Society - Malda

Rcc Of Sardanga Boys - Burdwan

Reach India - Kolkata

Resources Developmnent Foundation - Kolkata

Revolution An Essence For Freedom - Kolkata

Right Track - Kolkata

Rupasi Bangla Welfare Society - South 24 Paraganas

Rural Development Society - Bankura

Rural Health Development Centre - Balurghat

Sabera Foundation Sabuj Sangha - South 24 Parganas

Sachetna - Kolkata

Sahamarmi - Kolkata

Sahay - Kolkata

Sahay Welfare Society For Spastics - Kolkata

Saket - Kolkata

Samaritan Help Mission - Howrah

Samaritan Help Mission - Kolkata

Samikshani - Calcutta

Sampark Communication - Kolkata

Sanatan Yoga Kendra - Kolkata

Sanchar Arod - Kolkata

Sane And Enthusiast Volunteers Association Of Kolkata - Kolkata

Sanhita - Kolkata

Sanlaap - Kolkata

Santi Tb Control Society - 24 Parganas

Sarani - Kolkata

Sarc Survey Advisory Research Consultancy - Kolkata

Saroj Nalini Dutt Memorial Association - Kolkata

Sarsuna Saraswati Vidhya Mandir - South 24 Parganas

Sasha Association For Craft Producers - Calcutta

Satmile Satish Club O Pathagar - Cooch Bihar

Save The Children Committe Of India - Kolkata

Save The Environment - Kolkata

Sbms - Kolkata

School Of Human Genetics And Population Health - Kolkata

Science Communicators Forum - Kolkata

Sebalaya Health And Research Centre - Bauria

Seemahin Vikash Kendra - Nadia

Seth Bagan Mahila Sangha - Kolkata

Seva Kendra Siliguri - Siliguri

Sharda Devi Nevatia Foundation - Kolkata

Shibkali Nagar Welfare Society - Garia

Shibkalinagar N Welfare Society - South 24 Parganas

Shobhana - Kolkata

Shree Darjeeling Siliguri Goushala - Darjeeling

Shripur Mahila O Khadi Unnayan Samity - Raiganj

Shuvi Janakalyan Sangha - South 24 Parganas

Silence - Calcutta

Silence Training Institute - Calcutta

Simla Pal Socio Economic Welfare Association - Bankura

Sir Syed Group Of Schools - Calcutta

Sister Margaret Foundation - Kolkata

Smile - Kolkata

Social Analysis And Value Emphasis - Amritadighi

Social Analysis And Value Emphasis - Kolkata

Social Synergy - Kolkata

Society Against Violence In Education - Kolkata

Society For Direct Initiative For Social And Health Action - Kolkata

Society For Educational And Environmental Development - Howrah

Society For Indian Childrens Welfare - Calcutta

Society For Student Empowerment Rights And Vision Through Education - Calcutta

Society For The School Of Medical Technology - Kolkata

Socio Economic Development Organisation - Kolkata

Socio Economic Development Programme - Calcutta

Socio Legal Aid Research And Training Centre - Calcutta

Sonar Bangla Bijnan Sanchar Gabesana Samiti - Kolkata

Soul Of Eye Society - Kundurali

South Asian Foundation For Human Initiatives - Kolkata

Southern Health Improvement Samiti - South 24 Parganas

Span - Kolkata

Spar - Kolkata

Speech And Hearing Institute And Research Centre - Kolkata

Speed - Burdwan

Sri Mayapur Vikas - Sangha

Sri Mayapur Vikas Sangha - Nadia

Sri Ramkrishna Ashram - Nimpith

Srimayapur Vikash Sangha - Nadia

Sristee - Jalpaiguri

Starve Prevent Foundation - Kolkata

State Remote Sensing Centre - Salt Lake

Sugata Bhaumik Smriti Sanrakshan Samiti - Hooghly

Sulabh International Social Service Organisation - Calcutta

Sulkuni Phanindra Student Sangha - North 24 Parganas

Sundarban Bonomalipur Community Development And Research Centre - South 24 Parganas

Sundarban Rural Development And Training Centre - Kolkata

Sundarika Bartika Daimond - Harbour

Surul Centre For Services In Rural Area - Birbhum

Swadhina - Calcutta

Swargiya Sunil Bihari Dastider Smritirakshya Samiti - Kolkata

Tagore Society For Rural Development - Kolkata

Tajmahal Gram Bikash Kendra - Howrah

Tapan Karmodyog Samstha Dakshin - Dinajpur

Teach - Kolkata

Tews - Kolkata

Thakurpukur Love And Care Society - Kolkata

The Global Institutes - Calcutta

The Indian Vegetarian Congress - Calcutta

The Jadavpur Association Of International Relations - Kolkata

The Science Association Of Bengal - Barisha

The Society For Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services - Kolkata

The Society For Oral School Of The Deaf - Kolkata

The Thalassaemia Society Of India - Kolkata

The Wave Of Environment - Midnapore

The Young Explorers Institute For Social Service - Kolkata

Think Tank For Manpower Development And Consumer Awareness - Calcutta

Thoughtshop Foundation - Calcutta

Tiljala Education And Welfare Society - Kolkata

Tiljala Society For Human And Educational Development - Calcutta

Tolly Gunge Vivekananda Seva Sansthan - Kolkata

Tollygunge Women In Need - Kolkata

Tomorrows Foundation - Kolkata

Topsia Minorities Association - Kolkata

Tripurapur Milan Tirtha - Kolkatta

Tufanganj Anwesha Welfare Society - Coochbehar

Turning Point - Calcutta

Uday Swanirbhar Kalyan Samiti - Dinajpur

Uluberia Botanical Institute - Howrah

Uniproscuf - Coochbehar

Universal Welfare Society - Hooghly

Vam - Bardhaman

Vasundhara Enviro Welfare Society - Jalpaiguri

Vasundhara Enviro Welfare Society - Siliguri

Vision Welfare Society - Calcutta

Vivekananda Adibasi Kalyan Samity - Bankura

Vivekananda Education Society - Kolkata

Vivekananda Nidhi - Kolkata

Voice Of People - 24 Pgs South

West Bengal Council Of Women - Kolkata

West Bengal Gandhi Peace Foundation - Calcutta

West Bengal Gandhi Peace Foundation - Howrah

West Bengal Human Rights Commission - Calcutta

West Bengal Voluntary Health Association - Kolkata

William Carey Study And Research Centre - Kolkata

Womens Co Ordinating Council - Kolkata

Womens Friendly Society - Kolkata

Womens Sahayog - Kolkata

World Wide Fund For Nature India - Calcutta

Yezdani Help Mission - Howrah

Young Mens Welfare Society - Calcutta

News From:

Pak govt knows where Osama is: Hillary Clinton

Speaking from Kabul where she is convening an international donors\' conference on Afghanistan, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she believed that Al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden was still in Pakistan. She also said Washington believed that Taliban chief Mulla Omar was also in the country.

Hillary Clinton also told a news channel that Pakistan government knows where Osama bin Laden is and that Pakistan should share that intelligence.

\"I believe (bin Laden) is here in Pakistan and it would be very helpful if we could take them (Al-Qaida leaders),\" she said, adding, \"I want those guys. I assume somebody in this (Pakistani) government, from top to bottom, does know where Bin Laden is, and I would like to know too,\"

Though the Pakistani leaders claim that the world\'s most wanted terrorist may be dead, top US officials have been maintaining that Laden and his powerful deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri are in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, speaking on the 26/11 Mumbai attacks\' interrogation, Hillary Clinton said that Pakistani-American terrorist David Headley has thrown up a revealing set of facts that have been shared with Pakistan.

\"I don\'t know the specifics (of the revelations made by Headley) but I know that it has been quite a revealing set of facts that we have shared with the Pakistani authorities,\" she said. (With agencies\' inputs)

(Read more at:
News From:

67 killed as trains collide in India

The Home Ministry on Monday differed with Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee over the cause that led to the collision of the Uttarbanga Express with the Vananchal Express that has left 67 people dead and 121 injured at the Sainthia railway station in West Bengal.

Top Home Ministry officials shot down Ms. Banerjee\'s suspicion on the cause of the collision, which hinted at foul play. Inputs at the Home Ministry were that the signal had failed and the driver of the Uttarbanga Express seemed to have miscalculated his speed, ramming the train into the Ranchi-bound Vananchal Express. Officials said it pointed to a system failure, where both man and equipment failed.

The Home Ministry has, for the second time, negated the claim of Ms. Banerjee. It had ruled out the use of explosives in the derailment of the Jnaneswari Express and subsequent ramming by a goods train, which claimed 149 lives in May.

While most senior railway officials were away at the accident site, others who were present at the Rail Bhavan declined to comment on the Home Ministry\'s assertion, particularly because the Railway Minister herself suspected sabotage.

The officials, however, admitted that the Uttarbanga Express was speeding in excess of 60 km an hour, almost 40 km above the limit as the train had a scheduled halt at Sainthia.

These officials admitted that driver M.C. Dey had been in touch with the staff of the Rampurhat station, just ahead of Sainthia, giving the impression that he was in his senses and not affected by any intoxication. Both the driver and the assistant driver were killed in the collision.

The two collisions have together claimed 209 lives in the first four months of the current financial year, accounting for almost 80 per cent of the 248 deaths caused in various accidents.

The year 2010-11 is turning out to be a black year so far as train collisions are concerned, the death toll being the worst in the past eight years.

It had a declining trend in 2005-06, when 25 people died; in 2006-07, accidents claimed two lives and in the following year (2007-08) it came down to one. The death toll rose to nine in 2008-09 and climbed to 42 in 2009-10 when Ms. Banerjee took over from Lalu Prasad as Railway Minister.

Similarly, the injury figures too paint the Railways in a bad picture. The two collisions this year have left more than 250 people injured.

The BJP, the CPI(M), the RJD and the LJP have sought an explanation from the Prime Minister over the practicality of continuing with Ms. Banerjee as Railway Minister, charging that these collisions were the result of a system failure.

News From:

Monday, July 19, 2010

49 killed as express trains collide in West Bengal

At least 49 passengers were killed and over 150 injured when the speeding Sealdah-bound Uttarbanga Express rammed into the rear of the Vanachal Express pulling out of the Sainthia station in Birbhum district early today.Eastern Railway sources in Kolkata said that 49 passengers of the Vanachal Express were killed when the Uttarbanga Express, which was running at a high speed overshot the signal and ploughed into it.

Among the dead were 39 men, eight women and two babies, the sources said.

Officials feared that the toll could rise as three coaches, two unreserved and a luggage van, of the Vananchal Express, which was running five hours late, were smashed with some of the coaches mounting a foot overbridge.

GRP sources said that 150 passengers were injured.

Superintendent of Police Humayun Kabir, however, said that 130 passengers were injured.

The accident occurred at 1:54 am when the New Coochbehar-Sealdah Uttarbanga Express came on the same track and rammed into the Bhagalpur-Ranchi Vananchal Express which was leaving platform number four at Sainthia station, 191 km from Kolkata, Eastern Railway sources said.

The engine of the Uttarbanga Express, which was to stop at the station, telescoped into the rear of the Vananchal Express.

Engine driver MC Dey and assistant driver NK Mandal of the Uttarbanga Express besides the guard of the Vananchal Express A Mukherjee were killed, the sources said.

Dey was found dead in his seat. The engine was switched off after an hour by railwaymen.

Railway minister Mamata Banerjee, chairman of Railway Board Vivek Sahay, Railway Board member (Electrical) Sudesh Kumar and director general of Railway Health Service BK Ramteke, Eastern Railway general manager VN Tripathy and other senior officials have left for Sainthia.

Relief trains from Rampurhat, Asansol and Burdwan have left for the accident spot.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mayawati: SP patronising criminals

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati on Saturday lashed out at the Opposition, especially the Samajwadi Party and the Congress, for tarnishing the image of the Bahujan Samaj Party government.

She alleged that the criminal elements behind the July 12 bomb attack on Minister Nand Gopal Gupta Nandi in Allahabad were patronised by the SP.

Involved in 88 cases

Talking to journalists here on Saturday, Ms. Mayawati said the Chaka block pramukh, Dilip Mishra, the alleged mastermind of the attack on Mr. Nandi was related to SP MLA Vijay Mishra, and the two were involved in 88 criminal cases.

Their illegal property of over Rs. 10 crore was attached by the Allahabad district administration recently and Mr. Vijay Mishra owned property worth Rs. 50 crore in Jasola area of Delhi, she alleged.

Dismissing the Opposition charge that the law and order situation in her regime had deteriorated, Ms. Mayawati reminded the Congress and the BJP of the terror attack on Parliament, the 26/11 terror strike in Mumbai, the killings of the former Railway Minister, L.N. Mishra, and the former Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, and the 1984 anti-Sikh riots.

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Khanna police nab Shingar Cinema blast accused

While the police are tight-lipped about the issue, dreaded militant Hamohinder Singh, wanted for various crimes including the Shingar Cinema blast, was arrested by the Khanna police on Friday.

DIG (Ludhiana Range) Dr J K Jain said: "We will give out details in a day or two. I cannot say anything before that."

Meanwhile, sources said the Khanna police has caught the man who has been on the wanted list since the arrest of Bakshish Singh alias Baba who was picked up by the Amritsar police in May this year. He was accused of masterminding the attack on the Dera Sacha Sauda head two years ago.

The Ludhiana police had declared Hamohinder as the mastermind of the October 2007 Shingar Cinema blast, which had left six dead and over thirty people injured.

He allegedly used to work for a radical magazine Sikh Shahadat.

After the blast, several names like Bhavdeep Singh, who was the first to land in police net, Gurinderjit Singh, Parminder Singh, Zorawar Singh, Gurpreet Singh, Sandeep Singh and Harmohinder Singh began to crop up.

Harmohinder, however, has eluded the police all this while. The cops even claimed that he had fled to Pakistan. A couple of months ago, the police said that Harmohinder has returned to Punjab and was spotted with Baba.

While the police is not letting out any information about the arrest, Harmohinder's family has confirmed that he has been taken by the cops.

Rajesh Kumar, a relative of the accused's wife Rajwinder Kaur, said: "Harmohinder had asked us to come and meet him near the Dhurri railway line on Thursday night. We did not inform the police as we wanted him to surrender. He, however, refused and went back. Later, we received a call that he was at his paternal aunt's house in Janta Nagar in Ludhiana. We then informed the police who raided the house and arrested him." He added: "Harmohinder told us that he had been in Pakistan all this while. It is very difficult to recognise him as he has shaved off his beard."

Harmohinder Singh's family, which resides in Indira Nagar Colony in Ludhiana, had been pressurising him to surrender.

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